6 Appetizer Ideas for Movie Night

You’re officially at that age where you have to prepare some food ahead of time and account for the fact that your guests will want to snack on foods that don’t all come out of plastic bags and have endless shelf lives. But don’t stress, I’ve put together a list of easy to make appetizers that will keep your viewing party guests full and impressed with your adult hosting skills. You’re welcome:

1. Antipasto Skewers

Don’t burden your guests with a directionless antipasto spread. Make it easier for them and neater for you by putting all of the ingredients on a skewer. Learn how at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

2. Spicy Cheesy Guacamole

Not your average avocado dip, this guacamole has jalapeƱos and a baked cheese crust. Talk about adult. Get the recipe on A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

3. Fruit Dip

Some of your guests will have already had dinner and might be looking for something light and sweet. This strawberry whipped dip will totally hit the spot. Check out the recipe on A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

4. Tartlets

Oh, you fancy huh? These strawberry and brie tartlets are easy to make and will quickly make you appear to have your sh*t together. Check out the recipe on A Spicy Perspective.

5. Brussels Sprouts

Not just your average cooked ‘sprouts. These balsamic roasted brussels sprouts are sweet and tangy and delicious. Check out the recipe on Averie Cooks.

6. Sweet Salsa

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